Curriculum development and evaluation in environmental education by Inyang-Abia, M. E. & Umoren, G. U.

Lagos: Macmillan Nigeria Publishers Ltd.(1995)


Environment education, like innovative areas in the education enterprises, uses the curriculum to penetrate the society through both formal and non-formal structures. Any time an innovation in the education sector is necessary, the curriculum is seen as the most potent instrument for achieving that. The module on curriculum development and evaluation in environmental education is therefore an attempt to translate the basic principles of the curriculum process using the "green image".

This book is designed for teachers, teacher trainers and others concerned with attitude change as they affect the environment most especially now that greater emphasis on the environment and sustainable development has become world-wide. While new theories are not propounded, the older ones have found greener expressions and practical uses for the classroom teacher and others associated with both environment and education.

The authors are grateful to all who have contributed to the development of the text, especially the NCF and the WWF who sponsored the project. All the cited authors are also gratefully acknowledged.

M. E. lnyang-Abia & G. U. Umoren


    Chapter 1. Introduction to Environmental Education Curriculum Concept: Dr. (Mrs) Grace U. Umoren
    2. Foundations of Environmental Education: M.E. lnyang-Abia .
    3. Culture and Environmental Education Curriculum: M. E. Inyang-Abia
    4. : Environmental Education Curriculum: Systems and Types: M.E. Inyang-Abia
    5. Environmental Education Curriculum Design Models: M.E. Inyang-Abia
    6. Environmental Education Curriculum Innovations: Dr. (Mrs) Grace U. Umoren
    7. Curriculum Resources for Environmental Education: M. E. Inyang-Abia
    8. Environmental Education Curriculum , Planning and Development: Dr. (Mrs) Grace U. Umoren
    9. Environmental Education Curriculum Implementations: M. E. Inyang-Abia
    10. Curriculum Evaluation: Dr. (Mrs) Grace U. Umoren
    11. Curriculum Research in Environmental Education: Dr. (Mrs) Grace U. Umoren
    12. Issues in Environmental Education Curriculum: - Dr. (Mrs) Grace U. Umoren

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